Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I can't wait as long as October, it's fucking 7 weeks away, so I have booked a lesson for Thursday afternoon. It's a group session, with at least 3 others but should be no more than 10, but I'll also do a 1 to 1 sesh in September, when things aren't so busy. At £20 for 90 minutes it sounds good value and iSurf have a good reputation here on the Isle of Wight. It's a mobile surf school, and I have seen the van out and about - mostly at Compton, our most consistent break - so they can go wherever there's a swell. Hopefully the conditions will be good, with plenty of waves.

I have been doing a few press ups and practising pop-ups at home, as well. It was hard at first but getting easier and will make life a lot easier once I get back on a board properly. At least, I hope so.
I've also asked the surf shop in Shanklin, Earth Wind and Water, whether they often get second-hand longboards or mini-mals in. They do and cost around £250-ish but also to look on Wightbay. I might look when I get to Cornwall in October, there'll be a greater choice and, dare I say it, probably better prices, too.  I'm looking for something in the 8 to 9-ft range, as it will fit into my Renault estate. I'm not in too much of a hurry to get a board for the next month or so, especially as I have that car tax and MOT to pay for. Also a friend has talked me into going on a 4-night booze cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in November, which I now rather regret having said I'd go on...

I have discovered a number of videos on You Tube, one of which is 'Learn to Surf, The Fundamentals', in which the late, great Andy Irons shows you what is necessary to learn - or re-learn - surfing, which is in 2 parts. There are tons of videos on YouTube, though, some better than others.

Part 1

Part 2