Friday, 24 August 2012

'Don't rent out space in your head'

I.e. Don't let people get to you', is an excellent saying. But, while it works well during the day, I wish it worked out as well in dreams. I am sick of people, often relatives, in my dreams telling me that I am useless and everyone hates me...although it is not them, I think it's me telling myself that in the guise of other people. It's the whole self-esteem thing again and another reason I am taking up surfing again.

Anyway, have another vid. This is bodyboarding, rather than stand up surfing, at Teahupo'o, Taihiti featuring some pretty huge waves - this is one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world, even the world's best surfers are scared of it. Better yet, the soundtrack is provided by Metallica. Interesting comment from someone below the vid, though "super gay to bodyboard ant (sic) not surf that shit" - I wonder if the commenter has actually surfed waves like that, if I was a betting person I'd guess not, they'd probably crap themselves. Posters of YouTube comments are invariably full of shit. Anyway, why is there always some schism about one thing being better than another? Stand up surfers v bodyboarders v SUPs, Canon v Nikon, Metallica fans v Megadeth fans, and so on and so forth? It's stupid, there's room for everyone, why can't we all respect each other and get along?