Wednesday, 10 October 2012


A few more surfing photos from Cornwall last week, all taken from Towan Beach. None feature me, which is probably just as well.

Someone 'tombstoning':

A stand-up paddleboarder. If this is the same guy one of the instructors said it was, he is a former European SUP Champion. It *looks* easier than straight surfing but I don't for one minute think it is, it must be hell on the knees.

Among the surfers and the lone SUP-er, there were a few bodyboarders in the line up. I like bodyboarding, although I prefer stand-up surfing and, despite what a few surfers may say, it is no less a valid form of wave-riding.

And an older guy on a longboard

That's it for the pics, the rest are rubbish! I did take some video of surfing, too, which I may post at some point.


My injured back/hip is on the mend although it is still very stiff it is not as painful as it was.

The surf here is flat this week, although next week's forecasts look promising. I haven't been able to put into practice the stuff I did last week but I wouldn't have been able to in any case with flat surf! I'm itching to get back out again, although I have been swimming regularly and can easily swim 1 kilometre (40 lengths of a 25 metre pool).

It's nearly mid-October and, while winter is the best time for surf in this country, the thought of another UK winter is depressing. I don't do dark, damp and cold and we have nearly five months of dark, damp and cold to 'look forward' to. The thought of a UK winter with no work is even more depressing, but I have the outside chance of some temporary work for a few weeks, from early November, although this depends on whether the company involved actually decide to hire people or not. Unfortunately, despite having enough saved, I can't book a foreign trip without knowing if I am going to have a job or not; simply because there's no point being away for two or three weeks during a contract that will last, at best, a few weeks. Not only that, if I say I'll be away for a while during the contract, I won't get hired. Should nothing come of it, and nothing else turns up, I will book the trip instead. I am thinking of Tamraght in Morocco, which looks very tempting.