Friday, 12 October 2012

No surfing

...for at least a week, thanks to my lower back/hip injury sustained when I wiped out last Thursday and landed on my back. It wasn't too bad yesterday evening but by this morning it had got worse, so I went to the doctor who said it is definitely a sacroiliac joint injury which has caused an inflammation as well as irritation of the sciatic nerve.

It's annoying as I'd made good progress last week and, while the surf has been flat this week (and my back too painful), I was hoping to go out next Tuesday as the surf forecast looks promising but the doctor said no surfing for a week at least, take painkillers, put heat on the affected area and, if it hasn't cleared up by next Friday, I have to go back for physiotherapy. I hope that when I get back out there, I haven't gone back to 'square one' after all the great progress last week.

It's frustrating, to say the least. There's nothing worse than wanting to do something yet not being able to do it and surfing is an activity which requires a LOT of time putting into it in order to get anywhere.
I'm also feeling generally pissed off which is, I think, a combination of the onset of autumn after a really dismal summer (I know winter is the best time for surf but I can't bear the dark and cold days), being made redundant with not much prospect of anything new on the horizon, wanting - badly - to get out of the UK and not having the means to do so, plus the back pain.
I am seriously thinking of selling all my possessions and clearing off but, realistically, that isn't going to happen, certainly not for a while yet and probably not with the drastic measure of offloading all my worldly goods and chattels!